Legal Digital Manga Storefronts (UK)

I have previously written about legal digital manga storefronts at length but the part of these previous articles that attracted the most positive feedback was the raw table of storefronts available.

So, I am replicating that here in the hopes that it is a useful resource. Please note this relates to availability in the UK, and this will be updated over time.

If I have missed anything, please do not hesitate to let me know via the Contact page.

Storefront Web† Windows Mac iOS Android Other
Amazon Kindle ††
Google Play ✓** ✓**
eManga ✓*** ✓*** ✓*** ✓*** ***
Comic Walker
Mangabox ✗*
Dark Horse
Weekly Shounen Jump
Viz Only a subset available
CDJapan ✗*
June ✓*** ✓*** ✓*** ✓*** Yaoi
SuBLime ✓††† ✓††† ✓††† ✓††† Yaoi Confusing payment scheme
* Previews available on web storefront.
** Books can be read offline via the Google Play Books App on the Chrome Web Store.
*** eManga/June products are a watermarked eBook in a file format of your choice which you can then load into an eReader application.
†: “Web Viewer” assumes an active internet connection.
††: Kindle purchases can be viewed within the Comixology reader if you have merged your comixology account with your amazon account.
†††: SuBLime purchases provide a web reader and a Download-to-Own PDF.

To add: Offline / Cached reading? Other Stores?