I apologise for the terrible URL but sometimes you have a terrible idea at 2:30am while jetlagged to hell and you just **have** to act on it. It only took me 18 months to use it for something - this homepage. I am Elliot Page, and I do the following things: * [Podcast](https://soundcloud.com/ukanime) Host and Editor for the [UK Anime Network](http://www.uk-anime.net). * I also write for the site, some recent examples [here](http://www.uk-anime.net/manga/Saki_-_Vol.1.html) and [here](http://www.uk-anime.net/articles/Tezuka_Kickstarters_-_A_Ravenous_Blight?.html). * My personally favourite article is [this one}(http://uk-anime.net/articles/A_complete_guide_to_digital_manga_in_the_UK.html), a comprehensive evaluation of UK Digital Manga Availability. This is something I have a lot of passion about, and I follow the space closely. * I thought I would have more things to put in this list, huh. * I am also IT Dogsbody in the daytime, but who cares about that? ##### You can contact me (errr), if you wish. For full disclosure, I will swear up and down that I am doing the following but they are currently on the mythical "__backburner__": * Designing and producing a board game, "D4V". This is currently in revisions and final playtesting. * Writing a book, "MF;TS", made from mixed media and viewpoints across an extended timescale. This has been dormant for a year so I should probably accept that it is dead. * Many other projects, most of which are buried in shallow graves somewhere in my Google Drive account. #### More to come on this site once I can get it to behave

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